Siege of Mytra
Siege of Mytra

During the year 2522 after the battle of Anduriel, the last bastions of humanity fought each other in search of glory and honor in order to maintain the lineage of their families. Great heroes were forged in the battles on the borders of Mytra, where mythical creatures soared through the skies, laying waste to everything in their path.

Excerpt from the Chronicles of Mytra

Siege of Mytra is an asynchronous-RPG strategy mobile video game based on the WAX blockchain. Take control of your Heros, build your front of troops and mercenaries, destroy the enemies’ Strongholds, get resources and rank on the Siege of Mytra Community Ranking to win prizes on NFTs and WAX tokens.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic medieval world designed in pixel art and traditional 2D illustration.

Heavy Infantry details
Heavy Infantry details

Siege of Mytra is based on being a traditional game with play-to-earn touches. We are looking for a fun game such as classical games, that rewards those players who get better scores within the game, offering them different prizes in both NFT and WAX.

Players will be able to get or buy:

  • Strongholds
  • Heroes
  • Mercenaries
  • Magic items

and much more…

Each of these NFTs will have different features and functionality within the game. Here you can see an example of a magical item design progress: “The Orb of Anduriel”.

Speed draw of "The Orb of Anduriel"
Speed draw of “The Orb of Anduriel”

Once again, our art director Carlos Chinesta is always streaming on live new content about Siege of Mytra and personal projects on his astonishing streaming sessions on Twitch and Youtube. Don’t miss them!.

Coming Next…

We will share more new content for the WAX community in the next articles, new designs, game mechanics, campaigns and much more, but don’t miss to join the Game Discord server and share your impressions about the game!